Company Profile

We are a leading Libyan company in the field of importing food, fresh fruits and vegetables. With a network of distributors, merchants, and wholesalers as well as through direct distribution , our products are sold in every city in Libya. In addition to its unwavering dedication to offering the highest quality standards in its products and services, ALARD ALTHAMINA's success could well be attributed in large part to its success in attracting, retaining, and developing the greatest people cadres. Since the time of its inception in 1994, the greatest products have been chosen while paying close attention to quality assurance.Throughout the year, we guarantee fresh fruits and vegetables.

Company vision

To have the largest market share in Libya in the importing of foodstuffs, fresh fruits, and vegetables, while continuing to expand the customer base and increase the carefully selected products, and to grow and develop the company and its team steadily.

Company Mission

Providing the best varieties of foodstuffs, fresh fruits, and vegetables to Libyan consumers at fair and competitive prices, and continuing to strengthen the relationship with suppliers to meet the needs of customers to reach a state of complete consumer satisfaction.

Our Core Values

It is crucial that we conduct our business in accordance with our core beliefs, ethical standards, and the law. The business and its staff adhere to a set of professional principles and values that have assisted us in not just becoming a leader in our industry but also in building trusting relationships with all of our clients, suppliers, and coworkers. Our company's basic principles include proper leadership, a results-driven approach, honesty, integrity, and a team-oriented environment.

Our History

The history of the establishment of ALARD ALTHAMINA for Importing Food and Fruits dates back nearly thirty years. It began its journey as a commercial company operating from its headquarters in the city of Benghazi and began to expand and opened new branches in several cities as well as an office for quality control in Ecuador, to become one of the recognized specialized companies, in the field of importing and trading foodstuffs, fresh fruits and vegetables in the State of Libya.